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Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter:

Level Transmitter

Series: LP-7100

-       Outputted by DC4~20mA analog signal.

-       Iinterface measurement applicable.

-       Tank top and side installation.


Liquid level is outputted by DC4~20mA analog signal, different types of material are available.LP-7100 is a magnet float type level transmitter.The liquid level is detected by float and converted into DC4~20mA current signal. The electronics are isolated from internal tank atmosphere by stainless steel or other pipe materials for safety.
LP-7100 suitable for tough applications such as inflammable, corrosive liquids or pressurized and vacuum tanks.
In addition to standard material of stainless steel, PVC , PP ,lined versions are available for corrosive applications.


Liquids with density of 0.5g/cm3 or more.Measuring range is 250 to 5000mm 

Max. pressureStainless steel float 1MPa / PVC, PP and lined float 0.2MPa / Titanium float 6MPa                    

Temp. Range: 0-100°C  (for PVC float 0-60°C)                    

Enclosure: weatherproof equiv. to IP65TIIS Exd IIB T6                        

Intrinsically safe   Ex ia IIC T4      

Power supply: DC24V   ±10% 

transmission scheme: Two-wire system

Output: DC4~20mA

Max. Load: 600Ω    Line resistance, resistance inside barrier included

Process connection

Standard: Tank top installation through flange JIS10K, ANSI#150, others
Minimum size of flanges of flange: 3"(80mm)
Material availability:
Lead pipe: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, PVC, PP
Housing: ADC12    *Aluminum di-casting

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