Hassas Control Company has been established in 2002 year and certificated by iran’s industrial and mineral ministry in order to meet the needs of industries in iran.

Glass Level Gauge

Glass Level Gauge:

Sight glass level gauge

Light execution
Reflex, transparent
Connection side-side fixed
Connection gauge valve to gauge chamber: union
Hand wheel

Field of application

Direct reading liquid level indicator for general applications up to CL600 (depends on glass type).
Increased safety with ball check valves.
General data

Visible length SL: ≤ME
Body: 40 * 40, Ø40 (for special materials)
Connection gauge valve- body:
Material glass plates acc. To DIN7081: borosilicate
Material media wetted parts: CS, SS
Depending on delivery situation material can vary.
Types with special materials e. g.
-per segment (glass type 4-9)
Depending on execution weight can vary.
Design data

Design pressure/-temperature up to 100 bar/400°C
CS (=carbon steel) and SS (=stainless steel) are materials suitable for Pressure Vessels according to EN or ASME.

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