Hassas Control Company has been established in 2002 year and certificated by iran’s industrial and mineral ministry in order to meet the needs of industries in iran.

Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge:

Section 1: general information
1. General Description
1-1 Features:

Rugged construction.
Safe for flammable, corrosive and toxic liquids.
Suitable for maximum specified pressure 150 bar.
Special types for high and low temperature operation (-10 ~220°C), Special (-45 ~400°C)
Available with integral limit switches & transmitters.
Installed for out of ground or under ground vessel.
Ability to install from side-side and top of the vessel. Fig A,B,C
Low cost.
Usable for interface process (double liquid).

The S-ch KM-20 liquid level indicating system is designed for use in applications where a simple gauge glass cannot be used. Due to its design the KM-20 can safety be used with flammable corrosive or toxic liquids or where operating condition exceed safety limits of glass. The rugged construction of the KM-20 make them ideally suited for use in operating environments where extreme temperature and/or pressure may encountered.
The basic KM-20 systems consist of a float, float chamber, indicator assembly and connection flanges or nipple. The float chamber is connected directly to the process vessel. The float contains a magnet assembly and is designed and weighed to float in the process liquid. A graduated scale corresponding to the desired operating range. The indicator assembly is mounted in close proximity to the float chamber. Magnetic coupling exist between the float and the indicator. As the float following changing liquid level. The indictor changes position to reflect that level due to the coupling action.
Industries served
Petrochemical refineries
Pulp and paper processing
Power plants
Pharmaceutical processing
Food processing

Common application
Fuels and Solvents
Oil production
Lubrication oils
Detergents and soaps
Boiler feedwater tanks
Ammonia tanks
Storage tanks
Acid tanks

1-2 specification
Technical data:

Level range min 0.3 m – max 12 m
Accuracy 1 cm
Scale standard in cm .
Working pressure Max 100 bar
Working temperature -10~220°C , special (-45~400°C)

Material and dimension:
A. Float chamber material
Standard SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, PP, PE
Standard: ASME, B36.10 M 2" – Sch 10~80
Special other non-magnetic materials available.
B. Float
Standard: SS304, SS316, Titanium, PP, PE
Special: other non-magnetic materials available.

C. Dimension
Units arc custom built to each customer´s specification.

D. Connection
Flange: ANSI 3/4"…2",150…600Lb-DN 20…50, PN 16/40
Nipple: treaded 3/4"…1" Sch 10…40-NPTF, NPTM, NPS
Special: According to customer order.

Standard SS304, SS304L, SS316L, PP, PE

F. Protection (indicator) IP67
To En60529/IEC529

Type k11
Contact read contact
Voltage 12~220 V AC/DC
Max Amper 0.3A
Housing protection IP67
Cable 3 meter

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